785 Deadbolt Installation Instructions

  1. Measure the backset of the door.
  2. If a 2-3/4" is required, adjust the latch.
  3. Install latch.
    Note for a 1-1/2" diameter holes, test if latch extends and retracts. Chisel area if required.
  4. Install exterior cylinder assembly. Use shield only on a 2'1/8" diameter hole, it will remain unused on a 1-1/2" diameter hole.
  5. Install interior plate with large black screws, engaging exterior cylinder.
  6. Install interior cylinder assembly.
    For additional "optional" secutiry, this product includes nonreversible screws. If used, test alignment and function using the regular screws before installing the nonreversible screws. Caution: nonreversible screws are extremely difficult to remove.
  7. Install strike plate and optional strike box. Screws require pilot holes.