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Now YOU can Change locks in just 3 seconds for only $5.00!

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We supply master keyed locks to real estate investors, property managers and apartment communities nationwide.

Are you still carrying a big ring of keys?
Are you still wasting valuable time using hand tools to change locks between tenants?
Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to find keys for maintenance or showing a property?
Do you spend big money on replacement locks and keys?

If you answered yes,, Inc will provide you with custom master keyed locks at wholesale prices.

It's true,, Inc can reduce the number of keys you and your property managers need to access your properties to just one key. Additionally, using this unique master/control key system will reduce your lock changing time to seconds per door without old fashioned tools to remove the lock. Your cost is reduced to as little as $5.00 per re-keyed exchange cylinder including the keys.

We provide standard entry locks, vestibule locks, single and double keyed deadbolts and an array of upscale entry lock hardware in bright brass, antique brass or satin chrome finishes that have quick change removable cylinders. We also supply master keyed padlocks, mortise and rim cylinders.

All locks are keyed for your master key and just one tenant or all tenants in the building, or all tenants in the area, however you need them to work for you.

This incredible master key system is built on the UltraMax brand, formerly known as Titan, manufactured by the Kwikset Corporation, because of the UltraMax's unique cylinder design. UltraMax locks feature a pick resistant 6 pin cylinder that can be removed with your Master/Control key for quick lock changes as needed and provide a large number of unique key combinations to accommodate even the largest apartment complexes. UltraMax Locks are ANSI grade-2 locks, as defined by the American National Standards Institute, are twice as resistant to forced entry as the ANSI grade-3 locks. UltraMax Deadbolts are endorsed by The National Police Officers Association of America.

Quality, security, durability, master key convenience, and the dividends of quick and inexpensive re-keying make, Inc master keyed UltraMax locks from Kwikset an EXCELLENT value!

A simple quarter turn of the master control key will release the lock cylinder so that it can be removed and replaced in just seconds.